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    Thanks Tom

    This is the method I like most. But I have to wonder, if you use a 10% stop for a stock, do you use a 30% stop for a 3x ETF?
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    Quote Originally Posted by JTH View Post
    .... I have to wonder, if you use a 10% stop for a stock, do you use a 30% stop for a 3x ETF?
    Quote Originally Posted by etftalk View Post
    Finding support and resistance pips requires a more classy approach. This is something you are going to have to study. There are many places on the Internet that have short explanations with examples of how to determine
    these ticks. It might rest for a while with a short upwards and downwards sideways pattern that forms before the following move further. Our stop should now be downwards at the point the recent upward move started .
    This article courtesy of
    JTH, figuring out how to set my stop on those volatile leveraged funds is one of the big reasons why I gave up on 3x ETFs!

    Regarding using support and resistance to set stops, I've found that the fastest way to find support/resistance levels is to look at a Point & Figure chart. The places where the X's and O's stop are some of the support and resistance levels.

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    The more volatility, the more room you need to give. With this whippy ETF's, the mental stop might be best since they seem to go after the stops.
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