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    If the long term return is (based on just share prices) is 3x (or close) you have what you bought the fund for.
    But the thing is, that it is not. At least during certain market conditions.

    Did you get a chance to see that video?
    -- Tom | My Trades

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    So according to these guys, leveraged funds have no business in my "perspective buys" spreadsheet. Too many other funds to watch with less long term risk. Poof goes FAS, UYG, DRN, URE, FCGL, and ERX.

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    It dcould work in your favor, but most likely not. It doesn't mean you will lose money, but your risk to reward is less than you think.

    They are better for trades than investments.
    -- Tom | My Trades

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    Yeah I understand, but I've got my focus set dead on buidling a base first, with long term growth. Now if I were transferring to a broker with lower trading commissions, I could afford to buy & sell more frequently....


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