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    Hi everyone. I never really did introduce myself, or ETF Talk.

    We officially started ETF Talk in January 2009 although the idea started almost a year earlier after the TSP (thrift savings plan) decided to limit the number of transfers we that we could make in our TSP accounts.

    We had some decent success with our trading systems on TSP Talk, but those systems were rendered virtually useless as is, for the TSP after the limits were implemented. With ETF's becoming so popular, both Trader Fred and the ETFchart converted the TSP buy / sell signals, into various ETF trading signals. Revshark decided to join in as he was already trading ETF's on his website.

    The systems were in place, and I had the new website setup and ready to go (for the most part) by late December. We wanted to make sure we were giving signals by Jan 1 so that we could compare full year returns to those of the benchmark market returns.

    The site was originally going to be called ETF Systems but I knew I wanted to add the forums because if ETF Talk was going to be half as successful as TSP Talk, we needed the members to be a big part of it - hence the "Talk".

    We never would have been able to start this new site if I didn't make a life changing decision in the summer of 2008. After 24 years as a programmer for the IRS, I resigned, walking away from a 6-figure income. That was a very tough decision, but there were so many things going on in my life at the time, and I just couldn't keep up with everything, so something had to give, and resigning seemed to be the right thing to do.

    I have been trading off and on for most of my life, with very inconsistent results. I knew I had to start to take it more seriously as my trading income is now helping me pay my bills. So, it was less gambling, and more boring positions and trading for me. Doing it full time certainly gives you a better feel for the market.

    Anyway, we hope you enjoy the site. Your feedback and input is always encouraged. We would appreciate it if you spread the word. The more the merrier. While we like to keep things light, we do plan to keep a tight reign on new and existing members, like we do at TSP Talk, to keep things as civil as possible. It seems to work well. We don't need any unnecessary distractions from bashers and spammers while we are trading.

    Good luck!
    Tom Crowley
    -- Tom | My Trades

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    Tom, thank you again for this planned community. My home here is comfortable and the neighbors are outstanding. I've already learned lots, and with everybody's excellent advice I won't make the same mistake twice.

    This is a great place to share painful lessons, get good assistance, and to not feel like an idiot when asking newbie questions. EFT Talk is exactly what I needed!

    If you think education is expensive, try ignorance. - Derek Bok

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    I really like both of your sites. Thanks for hosting them.
    I have been trading for years, but I always feel like I am an amateur. I like to learn from others experiences. Following my trades is probably hazardous to one's wealth.
    I appreciate all the good, valuable information that gets posted on both sites.

    Trade well


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