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Thread: Are You Prepared??

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    Husband's concealed carry permit just arrived. He said it felt funny having to go through a class to get something like that when he spent so many years in law enforcement! (Over a decade of that was undercover work - talk about concealed carry!!)

    We picked the garden down to take stuff with us on the camping trip: zucchini, summer squash, a couple of tomatoes and some jalapenos. And a batch of sweet bread made out of a summer squash that hid under a leaf until it was too big. Yum, I love summer squash sweet bread!

    You all take care!
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    More prepared all the time. Sort of. got enough savings by now to spend on mini-heatpumps (2), and attic fans + something more (real property fence-cedar, one sde; back porch slab redo), to improve energy efficiency/home mtc-upgrade.

    Had wide-ranging informal conversation tonight with next door neighbor heating and cooling contractor on various facets of laundry list of needed home improvements (energy efficiency and functional roof over my head) and scheduling them in most sensible logistical manner...Realized tonight that I'm going to have to bump up whole-house rewiring (50+ YO house) prior to insulation job. In fact, should put ALL attic-crawling activities first (skylights-interior work/reroofing/fans/heatpump wiring, whole house rewiring), and then do insulation. Sure glad I cancelled my gym membership in December and cancelled lawnmowing service this year too. The pennies sure help at this point-roughly adds to about $250-300/mo more in my pocket than last year.

    Was planning on everything but the whole-house rewiring and wall insulation this year. Bumping up the rewiring potentially forces insulation back til next year for cashflow reasons-unless I get a loan. Rats, I wanted to get insulation done this year and defer rewiring next year or year after, but logic tells me inverse makes more sense as of tonight.

    so of course I did a really silly thing earlier today, picked up the phone and talked to a big dog manager about a 4-month lateral detail down in NM to get some slightly lower-level managerial experience on my resume. Would start around late August/early September. If I get it, I'd need to cram home capex into just 1 month time, basically mid-July-midAugust, for this year . Not to mention potentially abandoning my garden just when its gotten really interesting. There's other people interested in the opportunity, maybe I'll hope one of them gets it over me. Doesn't mean I won't do my level best to get it now I put myself on big dog radar screen tho.


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